Counterpoint Yoga

Yoga can help you. Whether you want to relax, heal, feel stronger,  yoga has ways to help you.

The yoga building blocks are asanas (body postures),  breath work (for example coordinating the breath with asanas), and relaxation techniques (such as learning mindfulness and meditation).

In music a counterpoint happens when two or three melodic lines are played at the same time, making the overall sound rich and complete.   A counterpoint also represents another point of view.

Let yoga be your counterpoint, enriching and fulfilling your life.

Yoga for All

    Whatever your age or current physical state, a yoga practice can exponentially improve your overall health. Moving your body, focusing your mind and opening your soul on the yoga mat or chair transforms your life off the mat. Yoga’s many benefits include stress management, breathing efficiency, awareness, bone strength, and improved posture just to name a few.

Yoga is not only for the young and flexible—you can modify poses to suit every body type and level of ability.

Yoga  can be adapted to benefit everyone from those with temporary injuries to those  in wheelchairs and even people who are permanently bedridden. There are no boundaries to the benefits and benefactors of yoga. Let yoga work for you!